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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Iraqi Elections:no time for dissent

Well, we're in the final stretch. Elections are three weeks away. Now is not the time for dissent. Hu-rah!


Blogger Jay Cline said...

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1/06/2005 9:23 AM  
Blogger Jay Cline said...

The rhetoric and the violence is increasing in preparation, each feeding off one another. The anti-democratic forces (I don't know a better description) are increasing the violence and terror to scare away the swelling tsunami of democracy and weaken the resolve and determination and support of the single largest force, fostering this new-born child, the American military.

I understand the violence but, with the lessons of John Kerry's youthful innocence, I don't understand the rising dissenting rhetoric on the American front. What do they hope to accomplish, not in the long term, but in the next few weeks. Do they really want Iraqi democracy to fail? Just to throw out their chests and say "I told you so"?

Regardless of one's position on going in to Iraq, wouldn't it be prudent to encourage a successful electoral process? The time to register criticism has both long past and is not yet. Wait for it. Work for real results, not 'counting coup' marks on the blackboard.

1/06/2005 10:03 AM  

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