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Friday, April 07, 2006

Putting on the Ritz:
   Dems cloaking themselves in the Uniform, again

According to a recent article in the Stars and Stripes, the Home Town newspaper for American men and women in uniform, the Democrats are dressing up their slate of candidates with uniforms.

Democrats unveiled plans Wednesday for a new focus on military issues and national security in this year's congressional races, highlighted by a slate of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans running for office as Democrats.


Republican leaders dismissed the announcement as simply an election-year stunt.


Josh Holmes, spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said his group hasn't planned a similar effort because, "this is not a new coalition for us; We've always been focused on the military


While the Republicans have always had a real focus on military issues and national security, the Democrats only wear the uniform for parades, if then..

Don't forget, Kerry tried use his military experience in his bid for President, and it failed. In fact, Kerry is one of those who is pushing for this. In a recent email newsletter to his supporters, Kerry called for Democrats to "support Iraq war veterans running for Congress",

Dear Friend,

Tammy Duckworth lost her legs when the helicopter she was piloting was shot down over Iraq. But, she didn't lose an ounce of her courage or her commitment to serve. She knows that it's time for veterans to speak up for a stronger America. That's why Tammy is running for Congress - and her election is right around the corner.

She's seeking the Democratic nomination in the March 21 Illinois primary for the seat being vacated after 32 years by Representative Henry J. Hyde. With your help, Tammy can bring her perspective on Iraq, health care, and other issues to the floor of the Congress. But, you have to act quickly.


Tammy Duckworth, Patrick Murphy and Joe Sestak are three brave veterans ready, willing and able to lead America in a new direction if they can count on help from people like you. Tell them that we've got their back.

I will do everything I possibly can to make sure they win - and I'm hoping you will do the same.

Naturally, the links provided in Kerry's newsletter all lead to a donation page. Hasn't he paid off his 2004 campaign debts yet?

What the Dems don't appreciate is that most Americans aren't as dumb as the Dems think they are. They know window dressing when they see it. They knew it in 2004; they'll see it again in 2006.

Now, if the Dems actually start supporting our troops, well, maybe they might start winning elections.


Blogger Gay Clown said...

In your tunnel-vision mode of thinking you equate support of this war in Iraq with supporting our troops. Every morsel of neo-con crap fed to you by the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly you swallow as if it's a magic pill.

You're wearing fucking blinders, idiot.

4/07/2006 11:48 AM  
Blogger Jay Cline said...

Ah, such eloquent prose.

Except I don't recall quoting Hannity, Limbaugh or O'Reilly.

Whose really got the blinders on, dude?

4/07/2006 12:00 PM  

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