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Friday, September 23, 2005

Iraq End Game:
   This will make you stand up and think!

I find myself lingering in Tech Central Station, like a tourist at Grand Central Station, admiring the spaces and architecture and doing some really intense people-watching.

Nathan Smith draws some very interesting, and wholly unexpected, parallels between Vietnam and Iraq. But he is looking ahead towards solutions, not in the rearview mirror with some Monday morning quarterbacking.

In fact, Smith ends with a surprising, "but of course!" epiphanic revelation.

It is rather lengthy, with a lot of recent history and plot twists, digging through a lot of well-plowed ground, Smith even features a little ol' time religion and resurrection, and the punch line comes late, but I'll give a teaser.

Only Nixon could have gone to China.

ps - Smith references a James Kurth article in the recent American Conservative magazine online. I am not sure if the two articles are independent or if one led from the other.


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