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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Reality bites!:
   FT:Nigeria shifts to China arms

updated with link 15:30 CDT

Nigeria turns to China for defence aid

Ok, let me dumb it up, people. I'll start with a PowerPoint presentation favored by governmental consultants everywhere:

  • Slide 1: Nigeria produces Oil
  • Slide 2: China wants it
  • Slide 3: This is not the first time in recent history (ie since Deng) that China makes a global play for resources

    • Slide 3a: Do your own research

  • Slide 3: America is currently the unchallenged super-duper hyperhegemony
  • Slide 4: China don't like that

    • Slide 4a: Retrospect: The Third Reich and Imperial Japan go for global domination to secure lebensraum and resources for economic expansion

  • Slide 5: History repeats itself

Dumb enough for ya?

I hate reality. I really was trying to enjoy a Club Med vacation at space.coldfirestudios.com living out my American fantasy of interstellar domination.

Then today's pink sheet FT hits me between the eyes.

Newstands ought to be banned at Club Med.

errata: for those who "claim" superhuman gaming powers (ya know who ya are!), when are ya going to join me for a little one-on-one in Space? If I can find a CGI proxy to bypass my company's surf control, so can you!


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