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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Tale Told by Three Idoits

"Public Option" is not an option!

One morning last week, I got to my MTC bus stop ten minutes early, so I felt secure in the knowledge that I would get to work on time. Sure enough, at the designated time, the bus pulls up and I and a dozen or so other fellow adventurers climb on board.

Little did we know we were in for a real adventure that would take a sharp left turn into the twilight zone.

As we settle in, another bus of the same route designation pulls up in front of our carriage. A minute later, without comment, it proceeds to run the route sans any passengers (forgive me, for when it comes to ludicrous insanity, there is nothing more suited than la French). We, the passengers that is, remain seated and immobile.


It seems that the driver of the first part was, in fact, the driver of the second part and his departation time did not commence for another twelve minutes. It seems he assumed that the bus of the second part, which in fact was the bus of the first part, was late (he was, by one minute) and generously saddled up to our boarding point and graciously let us on.

Unfortunately, he told no one that he was not the bus of the first part but rather the bus of the second part.

Nails in the coffin:

1) the local bus supervisor was right there, in his government paid MTC van following the actual bus of the first part, but made no effort to inform the passengers that they were on the wrong bus (enough with the first and second part designations, please!); and

2) the response I got from my subsequent complaint to higher authorities basically said the fault lay with the passengers for it is their responsibility to be at the proper MTC bus stops at the designated time and to ensure they get on the right bus.

"I'm sorry for your loss ma'am but you have to realize - the stent the doctors put in your husband's artery was in fact an arterial blocker. The nurses gave them the wrong device because the manufacturer labeled the supplies wrong. We are, after all, a public utility and therefore owned by the public and therefore the public is responsible for ensuring these sorts of things don't happen (and these things would not happen if we had a larger budget) and therefore as a member of the public you are to blame for your husband's death. We offer our heartfelt condolences."


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