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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ramsey Clark: "Evil Doesn't Exist"

This morning, on NPR's Weekend Edition - Saturday, Ramsey Clark, one of forty (?!) members of Saddam's legal defense team, declared that he doesn't believe evil exists". This was in the context of how Saddam has been "demonized" by his American captors with respect to his legal rights. While I might agree that evil (and even good) cannot be personified or even deified, that doesn't mean evil, as even an abstract concept, does not exist. Clark went on to explain that people do bad things, but that is not the same as evil.


If there is any qualitative difference in the American psyche between pre- and post-9/11, it has got to be this: the majority of Americans now believe that evil, like consciousness, is something created out of our own existence and is greater than the mere composition of its creator.

Evil has as much existence as the soul.

I guess Clark believes he is only ten or twenty dollars of highly organized chemicals.


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