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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Email Fraud Alert:
   This is making the rounds again


It is my wish to inform you about my interest of investment/partnership with you. I am a Liberian, Now in a DUBAI U.A.E I inherit a large sum of money from my late father which is $5.Million USD, my late father who was a Senior Government ,official before he died during the advent of war in my country Liberia, but before the war started he took all his money away and lodged with a SECURITY COMPANY IN AFRICA.

Now that I am the only benefactor to this fund I now look for a trusted GOD fearing investor to be my beneficiary for the claim of this fund deposited in the SECURITY COMPANY IN AFRICA. I had map out the percentage for the beneficiary status of the fund, the percentage is as follows 10% for the miscellaneous expenses that is going to be incure, 25% for the beneficiary (you),55% for the investment then you keep the rest 10% for me in a domiciliary account.

This transaction is 100% risk free so you can contact me anytime through this email

Expecting your urgent response.
Best Regards
Mr Kema Madu.


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