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Monday, November 07, 2005

   Replace the UN?

I have been spending FAR too much time in the fertile fields of InTheseTimes.com and have neglected my own blog. I will be consolidating all I have said, at least into something not too embarrassing. The passion in the heat of battle makes one say things one really shouldn't.

Anyway, in a lengthy to-and-fro in response to a piece by Congressman Kucinich, Democrats: It's the War, one poster suggested the blasphemous proposal of replacing the UN with a Union of Democracies (capitalization is mine).

Out of respect for someone whose ideas I would encourage, I am waiting for permission to reprint. But for now, you can find it here. Click on special discussion page at the bottom, go to page 2 of 2, and search for union of democracies.

update: I have permission. Here it is, with one requested markup:

The UN has, to a large extent, been taken over by anti-democratic forces, and should be replaced with a union of democracies. This would be a good time to restore the founding principles of the UN, get rid of the deadwood (ie France), and make a new and more representative organization. The Security Council would then be reorganized around, say, Great Britain, Brazil, India, and Indonesia, with Russia and China offered conditional membership depending on their continued progress toward democracy. The USA should remain outside the reorganized UN, but a close supporter of democratic actions, with or without the UN.

--- scorp


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