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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Quality Public School Systems:
   We should not hold them in contempt

I just returned from getting lunch at a local sub shop, Potbellies, an establishment for which I am eminently qualified to patronize. I got an Italian with a Key Lime soda for $5.70 and forked over a $20. As the cashier punched in $20 and the $14.30 Change was displayed, I quickly interjected, "I have a one" and pulled the bill out before she had to start counting ones.

Such a look of utter contempt I have rarely seen.

She took the one, canceled the order and reentered it with $21 Tendered. Naturally, the Change Returned displayed $15.30.

Had I not been so taken off my game by such a ferocious look, I would have then pulled out a dime and two nickels...


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