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Friday, March 31, 2006

I support more immigration, but:
   Please, Ziggy, stay in Poland!

As Secretary of State Condolezza Rice is buffeted by English calls to "Go Home!", I am putting forth the call for Polish-born former US national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski to retire in Poland.

Ziggy, that erstwhile internationalist, is in Poland trumpeting his four point plan to withdraw from Iraq.

1) Washington should suggest to the Iraqi authorities that they publicly ask the United States to pull out of Iraq,

2) set a date for pullout,

3) Iraq should invite its neighbors to a "regional conference of Muslim countries" aimed at stabilizing the situation in Iraq,

4) the United States should call an international conference to discuss funding for the reconstruction of Iraq.

Ziggy characterizes this as an option that would allow Washington to disengage gradually in Iraq, "without victory, but also without defeat".

Think about it.

1) (having Iraq asking the US to leave) When the Iraqi government is ready to have us leave, they will say "Boo!". And I thought Ziggy was a realist...

2) (setting a pullout date) Has there not been enough debate on "setting a date"? Has Ziggy not heard the arguments that this will only entrench the insurgency? Where was Ziggy during the Paris Peace talks with North Vietnam? Doesn't a realist read comparative history?

3) (regional conference of Muslim countries) Yeah, right! Iraqi's Muslim neighbors are already well entrenched in Iraq. Sorry, that was facetious. So is suggesting an Arab version of the African Union to solve Iraqi troubles. Does Ziggy not read reports from Africa, specifically from Sudan? Does not a realist know how to use comparative analysis?

4) (calling an international finance conference for Iraqi reconstruction) Not a bad idea. In fact, I thought there were already several (failed) international Iraqi finance conferences under our belt. Besides, why does a realist think we need to do the first three before Iraq starts begging for alms?

And finally, leave "without victory, but also without defeat".


We don't even have embarrass ourselves French-style by declaring victory as we quit.


I don't think I can survive any more realism. Neither will the Iraqis.


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