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Friday, April 07, 2006

Breaking News:
   a sufrensucatash exclusive

Twice in one week, I have gotten astonishingly crude and vulgar and (Thank You!) timely responses to my more political postings. In fact, both responses were typed and sent within ten minutes of the original posting.

Now, maybe to the editors of Powerline or DailyKos, this would not be unusual, but here? C'mom! Those two posts constitute the sum total of all readership responses I have received in three weeks!

Not that I am complaining. I love the attention. And the political tenor of each was 180 degrees apart. One was from a right-wingnut advocating a Bush dynasty (who obviously had not really read my posting) and the other from a self-professed Gay Clown, calling me an idiot and a Hannity/Limbaugh/O'Reilly clone.

I can count the number of times I have watched Hannity and O'Reilly on one hand. Never listened or watched Limbaugh and probably wouldn't recognize him on the street if I saw him.

(I should contact a major news outlet - I seem to have a broad diversity of readership that they would envy!)

No, the real story, I believe, is this. Blogs have proven their clout in the media. I think we are seeing a new tactic from the more extreme wingnuts of each party. Instead of canvassing neighborhoods with political operatives with political pamphlets, the parties are employing legions of volunteer electronic hit squads.

At Blogspot.com, you can watch for just published postings at all of the blogs sponsored here. I envision hordes of party hacks hovering like predatory birds in the eerie light of their monitors, bologna and cheese sandwich in hand (there could be no other sandwich for them!), ready to pounce on any unsuspecting blogger with their Ctrl-C key. Neither infiltrator that assaulted me said much of anything original, or even relevant to my post.

Let's see how long it takes MSM to pick up this story.

Just a second. Gotta answer the door. Somebody in a black SUV just pul....


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