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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tel Aviv bombing Monday:
   Hamas washes its hands of the whole matter

Update 1:10 pm - Israel has opted to not respond militarily at this time - see below)

Nine days ago,
I blogged an article from the Ireland Online, Hamas works to end upsurge in violence.

It seems that Hamas has decided to forgo that decision.

The bombing [in Tel Aviv that killed 9 and injured over 60 on Monday during Passover] follows an escalation of attacks last week in and around the Gaza Strip, as Palestinian militants and Israel traded artillery and rocket fire. Hamas's interior minister has said that the government won't arrest militants planning attacks on Israel.

"Israeli occupation is responsible for the continuation of the hostilities," Hamas parliament member Sami Abu Zuhri said in a television interview. "Our people are in a situation of self-defense, and it's their right to use any means necessary to protect themselves."


Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the attack - the deadliest since Israel and the PA declared a truce in the violence 14 months ago - and released a videotape of the bomber, reportedly a West Bank teenager. The Iranian-funded militia has carried out eight of the nine bombings against Israeli targets since February 2005.

Hamas was not a party to that truce, so I guess they think they can be excused from enforcing it. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Iran seem to be begging to test the limits of their interpretation of the three see-no-evil monkeys routine. Before 9/11, I'd've given them real good odds at getting away with this kind of sophism.

Update -
"Israel sees the Palestinian Authority as responsible for what happened yesterday," said Gideon Meir, a senior Foreign Ministry official.

But Olmert decided against launching a large-scale military operation and blocked a proposal to declare the Palestinian Authority an "enemy entity," participants said.
Israel's primary act of reprisal against the Palestinian Authority has been to revoke the residency rights of Hamas lawmakers and Palestinian parliament members in Jerusalem. The residency rights granted Palestinian ministers in East Jerusalem all the benefits of Israeli citizens, including healthcare.


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