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Monday, January 31, 2005

week in review - in collection

fox news
- bird flu takes another victim in Vietnam
- 2 Vietnam priests, critics of the Vietnamese government, released from prison for "having well reformed themselves" according to Vietnam
- Kerry calls for more UN efforts in Iraq, accuses Bush
- Kennedy calls for immediate and definitive timetable for troop withdrawal
- Lieberman supports Bush
- China, US begins talks on defense matters over Taiwan Straits, 6-way talks over N. Korea
- Iraq elections poll 8 million voters; 9 suicide bombers kill 35; terrorist group claims credit for downing British transport with anti-tank missle as it flew at low attitude killing 10 Brits
- Kerry: "no one should overhype election", "it may not even be a legitimate election", "
- Kennedy - "the American military has become part of the problem, not the solution"
- Lieberman disagrees fully, (Kerry) "it wouldn't have happened without the American military" (Kennedy) "I wish Teddy had waited three days later" "Democrat Party has many voices" "I wish there was less carping about the past"


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