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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Debate on War on Terror:
Seen on BookTV

Two interesting books were exhibited by BookTV over the July 30/31 weekend.

Ken Timmerman discusses about his book, Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran. Mr. Timmerman comes off as a rather intense, dogmatic, self-promoting, don't-you-get-it-cuz-it-is-all-so-simple crusader. But by the end of the talk, I am a bit more concerned (scared) about a nuclear Iran than I was before.

And I was already very concerned...

Timothy Naftali goes into the history of American counterterrorism with his book, Blind Spot: The Secret History of American Counterterrorism, an overview of the ups and downs of American counterterrorism pulled by the convergent polarities of security and civil liberties and the consequence of counterterrorism effectiveness.

Both go on my must-have book list....


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