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Friday, August 12, 2005

The Real New World Order:
   or how can the UN lose its irrelevant status?

Pakistan just test-fired its first cruise missile. India is not
pleased. But what do the Pakistanis and Indians really want? Realistically? To
rule over the entire subcontinent, from Islamabad to Dhaka? From the
Kashmir to Sri Lanka?

No. It is all about the Kashmir. India has it; Pakistan wants it.

Here's a simplistic solution to an insoluble problem. Since the two
countries can't play nice together in the sandbox, take away the sandbox.

The devil is in the details and the UN can play the devil. Unilaterally
declare the issue to be unresolvable, take possession of the Kashmir,
and run it as a UN Protectorate. In perpetuity. Or until such time the
problem ceases to be a problem.

Bosnia and Kosovo should be used as a model on how to do this, and more
importantly, how not to do it. Here's how it should go.

The UN community declares the Kashmir to be bankrupt in terms of
sovereignty and orders all combatants out of the area. The UN sends in
sufficient troops to permanently occupy and control the region. A
nation-building team is sent in to establish democratic rule compatible with the
local population. If either or both of the contesting nations disputes
this with a show of force, it should be considered a de facto
declaration of war on the world.

If the Pakistanis want to launch nuclear-tipped cruise missiles at a UN
Protectorate, then there will be an unambiguous response from the world
community as a whole. If the Kashmirs, who are 70% Muslim, should
decide through proper elections to be annexed by the Pakistanis, the Indians
would be under the same constraints.

Look, the long and short of it all is that when two eight-year old boys
start a fight in the sandbox, the grownups separate them.

Of course, the UN had its opportunity with Iraq and European and
Russian and Chinese parochial interests sabotaged that.

Maybe we should just stick with "US" instead of "UN".


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