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Friday, November 11, 2005

Reblogged - The WMD Argument:
   Why there was nothing wrong for Bush to Sell the Iraqi War as a WMD issue

Michael Young posted an article at reason.com criticizing Seymour Hersh's rebuttal and disbelief of Syrian involvement in Hariri's assassination simply because Hersh doesn't trust anything the Bush Administration says anymore.

Naturally, the debate has devolved into questioning Bush's credibility, given that he "lied" to the American people about Iraqi WMD in the lead-up to the Iraqi War.

My rebuttal to that debate:

Ultimately, skepticism is the responsibility of the individual.

For those of us who knew the global dangers inherent in the Middle East before 9/11, for those of us who heard the clarion call of the 2002 Axis of Evil Speech, long before WMD became the reason for action, for those of us who knew the Iraqi WMD issue as being fundamentally relevant, but only in the context to the larger dangers of the Middle East; for us, when we heard the arguments of Iraqi WMD, we knew it for what is was: a sales pitch, and ultimately, a successful sales pitch.

That is what democratic leaders do, they persuade. Even dumb up an issue, if necessary.

Iraq had to be dealt with. That was evident after 12 years of defiant resistance to world pressure. After 12 years the world, from Saddam's point of view, was irrelevant.

WMD has not been found. But it is an easy argument, given Saddam's past activities and predilections, that he got rid of the material until only for as long as it would take for the heat to die down. What does a drug dealer do when the DEA raids his house? Down the toilet, boys. We can get more after we get bailed out of jail. And it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Saddam previously did have, and use, WMD material and WMD programs.

Restocking his WMD hordes, reviving his WMD programs would have been, in my humble opinion, his first priority once the attention of fickle and faint of heart democracies been distracted or just tired out. It is no secret that Saddam thought himself a stronger man than any American leader, given that he "outlasted" nearly a half-dozen presidencies. The successful Selling of the Iraqi War is not something I would be ashamed of, if I were in Dubya's shoes. And I don't hold it against him, if only because I have my own cognitive ability to rely upon.

Now, I am not trying to be an Apologist for Machiavellian politics, but it is an oft quoted statement that we get the politics we ask for.


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