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Monday, December 05, 2005

Max Boot:
   Weekly Columnist at the LA Times

Max Boot always writes good copy. In the past few weeks, he has taken the Democrats to task for their Flip-flopping (Kerry and Clinton take top honors) and their promotion of an Iraqi damn-the-consequences cut 'n run strategy, the "real" experts on the success of the Iraqi War (it's the Iraqis, stupid, voting with their feet), called on America to be honest with itself and start paying (and planning) our "liberal imperialism" since the end of the Cold War, criticized the French for their failed social system in the wake of the French riots (criticism not so different from what The Economist has been saying for years), and with respects to Plamegate, Boot exclaims what everyone knows but no one listens,

The problem here is that the one undisputed liar in this whole sordid affair doesn't work for the administration. In his attempts to turn his wife into an antiwar martyr, Joseph C. Wilson IV has retailed more whoppers than Burger King.

I have put Boot's weekly column on my Blogroll, even though it isn't a blog.

Happy reading!


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