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Friday, January 06, 2006

Exit Strategy:
   What needs to happen before we can leave Iraq

Lt Gen John Vines, the operational commander in Iraq, identified what needs to happen in Iraq before Iraqi security forces can take over control from American troops,

"The ability of the ministries to support them, to pay them, to resupply them, provide them with water, ammunition, spare parts and weapons is not as advanced as the competence of the forces in the field. We must make significant progress in that area before they can conduct independent operations."


"The reason it's important to look at areas like governance and infrastructure is because oil is the lifeblood of Iraq. If they don't produce enough income to support their security forces, members of those forces could turn to ulterior purposes and could become militias or armed gangs."
This is from a NYT article today.


Blogger sevenpointman said...

I guess this should take about week or two more,given the 1000-2000 trained iraqi troops.

As for using the cash from the oil assets-forget it-we own it-and we are not giving it up to some Iraqi.

To see an exit strategy for iraq go to

blog: sevenpointman

1/06/2006 2:14 PM  

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