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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

American Troops should stay:
   Iraqi General calls for long-term commitment

In the past week, I have noted several calls for American troops to remain in Iraq while some Democrats continue to call for troop withdrawals. Two noted analysts, Stephen Biddle in the Foreign Affairs and Michael Eisenstadt at the Washington Institute, have provided a rationale for that argument and a clearly defined mission for the troops.

But American analysts aren't the only ones calling for American troops to stay until the job is done. Egyptian President Mubarak said "it would be a blow" to Iraqi and regional stability if the troops left.

And now a senior Iraq general is calling for American troops to make a three to five year commitment. Major General Anwar Hamad Amin, commander of the second brigade, 4th Iraqi army division in the ethnically-mixed northern oil city of Kirkuk, told AFP on Monday,

"If they leave, I am sure there would be a disaster,"


"They need to stay another three to five years to ensure stability,"

"They support us now and in the future we will take over ... We are like a baby and just now starting to walk."


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