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Monday, May 01, 2006

   Some people will just never get it

Exercise in deconstruction:

The Boston Globe editorializes,

The imminent US troop reductions that [US Army General George] Casey invoked may make it easier, not harder, for Iraqis to overcome the legacy of Saddam Hussein's despotism and foreign occupation.

The thrust of the BG's argument is this:

I turned the outside lights off this morning before sunrise. And then the sun came up. Ergo, my light switch controls the sun.

Lemme 'splain.

The BG prefaced their blinding bit of logic with this,

For all the Bush administration's talk of troop levels being determined solely by the security situation in Iraq, it seems obvious that the primary reason for official hints of troop reductions is that Republican candidates are fearful of going to voters in November as members of the Bush war party. Predictably, this was not the reason given by US Army General George Casey, who said after meeting with Rumsfeld and Rice Wednesday that the formation of a new Iraqi government will create conditions for a reduction in US troop levels.

The only thing obvious to my dimwitted intelligence is that the possible reduction in troop levels is a consequence of the troops coming close to having completed their mission. We have had three separate and very successful Iraqi electoral pollings, the vote 15 months ago setting up a transitional government to create a constitution, a vote on that constitution in October (?), and general elections last December. And let us not forget that the first real test of the Iraqi government have been successful. The three competing parties had to find common cause and compromise to form a government out of those electoral results, which they just did. Time will tell if the few Sunni insurgent holdouts follow their brethren of last year and give up the insurgency in favor of real political participation.

That the BG's reason for official troop withdrawal talk was "predictably ... not the reason given by .. Casey" is just possibly because the BG is, gasp!, wrong.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.


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