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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Israel vs Hezbollah Ceasefire violations:
   uhm, excuse me. Point of order

Stephen Erlanger of the New York Times reports on the post-ceasefire Israeli raid deep in the Bekaa Valley,

JERUSALEM, Aug. 19 — Israeli aircraft and commandos carried out a raid deep into Lebanon on Saturday, clashing with Hezbollah forces near Baalbek and killing three, Lebanese officials said. One Israeli officer died.

The Israeli army confirmed the raid some 60 miles north of the border and said it was aimed at disrupting the continuing shipment of weapons to Hezbollah guerrillas from Iran and Syria.

Hezbollah said its fighters repulsed the commandos, who were airlifted in together with two jeeps near the village of Bodai. Israel said that one officer was killed, another seriously wounded and a third lightly wounded.

Both any resupply of weapons and the raid itself appear to constitute violations of the cease-fire resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council.

If the raid was a defensive response to a clear violation by Hezbollah, how can Israel's actions be cast in the same light?

Oh, I forgot. In this modern era of international justice, legality and morality have nothing in common....


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