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Friday, January 06, 2006

Iraqi family killed in US airstrike:
   US warplanes pursuing 3 insurgents seen planting IED

The NYT (here and here), the WaP (here), and the BBC (here) reported last Wednesday that about a dozen Iraqis of one family were killed January 3 when F-14s strafed and bombed a hose in Baiji after unmanned aerial recon saw three people plant a roadside bomb and then fled into that building.

A Baiji police colonel, Sufyan Mustafa, told Reuters that the family members killed in the bombing did not include any suspected insurgents. "There were no terrorists in this house," he said.

Google searches and searches at the NYT, the WaP and BBC have identified no further followup stories.

NYT search link
WaP search link
BBC search link
Google links:
- Sufyan Mustafa (Baiji Police Colonel)
- Ghadban Nahd Hassan (family member quoted by AFP)
link to AFP story in Turkish Press


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