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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Jamie Gorelick:
  9/11 Commish and co-Architect of the CIA/FBI Wall that lead to 9/11

(UPDATE 8/14 - check out this about Gorelick's Wall and Sandy Berger's theft from the Archives:

Flopping Aces


I know, I know.

Old news.

All this was hashed and rehashed in April 2004. The new twist is the revelations that an Army intel group code named Able Danger had IDed the 9/11 point man, Atta, a year before 9/11 but was not allowed to share that info with the FBI. At first, the Dems started accusing the Bush Administration of not fully disclosing this info to the 9/11 Commission. But it has been acknowledged they had, but “staffers” on the 9/11 Commission had omitted that info from the Commission.

The Dems are still leading the charge to point fingers at the Bush Administration, but going over old Gorelick info on the web, it makes you wonder why the Dems don’t understand why the American public doesn’t trust them any more, as evidenced by the 2000, 2002 and 2004 national elections.

Here is a list of Gorelick links from the first page of a Google search on Gorelick:

(only one even attempts to cast Gorelick in a positive light, and the best that could be presented was it was all Reno - ie, I was just following orders...)







This is a Washington Post article by Gorelick in her defense:



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